Natalie Brassill

Assistant in Extension and Research, Department of Environmental Science, College of Agriculture and Life Science.

Mrs. Brassill works with Dr. Channah Rock at the Maricopa Agricultural Research Center in Maricopa, AZ in the Water Quality Department. The Water Quality Department at MAC serves the state in research and outreach in four areas of interest; surface water quality, wastewater, water reuse and food safety. Mrs. Brassill is an environmental microbiologist and works with stakeholders around the state on applied research to help address current issues surrounding water quality. Some of Mrs. Brassill's major roles are to provide education, training and support to water stakeholders from the public and private sector on topics of food safety and environmental monitoring funded by Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA) to address water quality issues around Arizona. The Water Quality Department at MAC is a resource to collaborate with the public, academia and government to bring water quality research and education projects to stakeholders that address real time issues in food safety, wastewater, water reuse and surface water quality.


  • MS, Environmental Microbiology, University of Arizona, 2013