Matthew Recsetar

Lecturer and Researcher, Biosystems Engineering, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dr. Matthew “Rex” Recsetar has been working with aquaponics systems for over 10 years.  He has built, designed and ran various types of aquaponics systems and grown and cultured a wide variety of plants and fish as well as taught and trained individuals to work, build and manage aquaponics systems.  He runs a consulting business called ZonaPonics and also teaches both Aquaponics Design and Aquaponics Engineering at the University of Arizona.

In addition to building aquaponics systems, he has studied nutrient dynamics in aquaponics systems, decoupled aquaponics, sludge mineralization, wastewater treatment, system optimization and aquaponic feed alternatives.  

His recent research involved developing and patenting a phyto-mediated wastewater bio-reactor (PWBR) which demonstrated removal capabilities of 90% or better of nearly all contaminants of emerging concern found in tertiary-treated wastewater effluent from a Tucson WRF.  He also did research on the hydrodynamics of various hydroponic media. His current research involves managing plant nutrients in commercial decoupled aquaponics systems growing tomatoes and hemp.  His future research will be looking at fishmeal replacement in aquaculture feeds that can be targeted to meet nutrient demands in aquaponics systems.


  • PhD, Biosystems Engineering, University of Arizona 2019