Julie Neilson

Associate Research Professor, Environmental Science
CALS Director, Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining

My research focus is soil health. The goal of my work is to quantify microbial contributions to soil quality and soil health in stressed environments (e.g. mine tailings, degraded habitats, arid ecosystems) in relationship to ecosystem sustainability.  In agricultural systems, I seek associations between a the core microbiome of a plant  and it agronomic productivity.

As director of the Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining (CESM), I facilitate industry-academic collaborations to address  environmental and social issues associated with the environmental sustainability of mining. Research projects include revegetation of mine waste, erosion and dust mitigation, mine closure, mine site reclamation and closed site management.


  • Ph.D., Soil, Water, and Environmental Science, University of Arizona, 2012