Debankur Sanyal

Soil Health Specialist and Assistant Professor, Environmental Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dr. Debankur Sanyal is a Soil Health Specialist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Science at The University of Arizona. He specializes in soil biogeochemistry, while primarily his work is focused on the roles of soil biota, climate, and agronomic management practices in the cycling of nutrients and carbon in the agroecosystems aimed at sustainable crop production systems through climate-smart approaches. Dr. Sanyal is currently working towards developing a soil health assessment framework for desert soils in the arid and semi-arid regions and developing novel protocols to measure soil biogeochemical properties, especially carbon and nitrogen fractions. As an author, he published numerous research articles, extension publications, book chapters, and popular articles on various topics related to soil management in agroecosystems. He holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Soil Science from North Dakota State University and Punjab Agricultural University, respectively. 


  • Ph.D., Soil Science, North Dakota State University, 2018